zaterdag 5 december 2009

Luxury of perfunctory trust

Have you ever had the courage to examine, criticize and question the schooling system and their teachers? Or where you so naive to believe their only goal is to educate us or just afraid this would influence your grades?

Everyone agrees on the fact that teachers should only execute their profession if their objective is to educate the student so they can use their taught knowledge as an advantage in their future life.

Tough you can break this up in 2 questions. Which are the following:
- What if their objective is not to educate but only give information?
- What if the teaching materials is irrelevant for the students future career?

Concerning these questions, how can you recognize a teacher who is only in front of class for his own hidden agenda, like making money trough the students. Result based, you could try to remember that one class where too many students failed without the teacher caring about it or helping the students to improve. Then why would he/she stand in front of the class if he/she doesn’t want to educate his/her students. Well, probably for one of the following reasons:

-To make money out of the students, by making it obligated for them to buy a book which he/she wrote or promotes.
-By using the student made material for own purpose.
-By using teaching as an advertisement tool and relate every piece of positive information to a brand or company to promote it.
-To find out which students are the upcoming effective and profitable workers and take them to their company.
-To persuade the students to take over the teachers ideas, attitudes or methodology for commercial or political reason.

If you click on the following url link, you will see a video of a significant amount of students complaining about teachers who are introducing their own ideas and views on topics in class while it is in no way relevant to the class subject. (Starting from 3:50)

Fortunately these students question and criticize their teachers behavior. Would they not, than you can imagine how big the influence of the teacher would be on the students. It would put the teacher in such a dominant position that it could be seen as an dictatorship. Like you can see in the video in the following url link, these situations are not unrealistic but actually achievable.

As you probably know the power to educate the next generation is an inestimable one and a free society cedes control at its will. Obviously most teachers won’t go out there and say that you should buy shares of a particular company or use its service. Tough, they will steer conversations and information to a particular outcome.

When my sales teacher - with approximately 25 years sales experience - was explaining the manipulative techniques daily used for selling products. I questioned him if this wasn’t unethical. Instead of answering me he laughed at me and made a personal joke about me, so I would be offended and pull back. After the whole class was done laughing about his joke, I repeated my question indicating that I did not get an answer yet. Then he made a black-white comparison which basically ended up as that if you would follow his footsteps and become an sales person you would enjoy the great benefits of it. Like having an expensive car, an beautiful wife and seeing the whole world. May you choose not to, than you could live in a jungle or desert having no woman by your side or having an underpaid five till nine job. So indirectly he was indicating that if you would be unethical you would have a good life being wealthy or be ethical and have an boring and lonely life. While I wasn’t the only one having this conclusion out if his story, he denied that this was correct enforcing us to accept his story was right. Unfortunately, the line between indoctrination and education is being blurred and ignored as you can see. It is no shame to question or criticize anything, as long as it’s based it on a solid argument. Teaching is starting to shift from being a specialized instructor to a missionary who wants to persuade and/or convert others to a doctrine.

No one is always satisfied with school, but do you trust them?

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